Senior 2D Artist/Animator
- Cinematics storyboarding and animation
- Outsourced art/animation supervision
- Concept art- Cinematic still compositing and rendering
- In-game branding
- User interface art, Unity integration
- Marketing key art and merchandise design/production
Tutorial Cinematics
Animation: Missing the Ground
One of 10 animated tutorial videos created to introduce aerospace concepts to new players.
Animatic: Orbits Are Weird
Animatic edit of storyboards with temporary audio
Animation: Cadet Orientation Film
Short video that plays for first time users
Concept Art
Narrative Loading Screens
Interstitial screens intended to add a subtle narrative thread between game modes (Final production art samples below)
In-Game Branding
Logos and flags representing in-fiction manufacturers and space agencies
Marketing Concept Art
Concepting of key images used for marketing communication, digital storefront, promotional materials, and merchandising

Production Art
Narrative Loading Screens (Cinematic Stills)
Compositing and rendering of final narrative loading screens 
- scene staging using in-game Unity assets
- created custom non-realtime cameras, lighting, shaders/materials 
- 3D prop modeling in Maya
- Photoshop post production
Title Card: Cadet Orientation
Vintage-style digital painting of the marketing keyart, used as title card in orientation video

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