The City of Kent Parks Department recently opened Kherson Park, a newly renovated, space-themed park honoring the creation of the Apollo Lunar Rovers at the nearby Boeing plant. The park design includes a Lunar Rover replica, a life-sized astronaut, Lunar Lander and Mission Control play elements, and a large wall with projection capabilities. The Arts Commission called for digital/video media artists to provide short (< 5 minute) films to be showcased on the projection wall in the evenings.​​​​​​​
In my entry for the project, I proposed a fictionalized history of the rover, where kids who watched a science fiction film at the local, now-defunct Midway Drive-In were inspired to pursue careers in aerospace. Their monumental achievements in space are then commemorated in this park, where the play structures and summer movie nights inspire a new generation.
Final Cut
Software Used:
Asset Design/Animation: Adobe Animate
Compositing/Video Editing: After Effects

Music and Sound: Howard Mostrom
Test Screening and Stills
Collaborators attended a "tech preview" of the video before sound was added
Unit Still Photography: Paul Zimmer

Site Reference
Proposal Animatic (no audio)
Storyboard/editing: Adobe Animate

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