As Senior 2D Artist/Animator, I served as the Animation Director for a series of ten instructional shorts created to introduce aerospace concepts to new players (only 4 of which were published before the unfortunate demise of the studio)
- Cinematics storyboarding, animation, editing and VFX
- Outsourced art/animation supervision
- Cinematic still concepts, rendering and compositing
Animation: Missing the Ground
Asset Design: Adobe Illustrator
Animation, Compositing, Video Editing: After Effects
Animatic: Orbits Are Weird
Animatic edit of storyboards with temporary audio
Storyboards: Storyboarder
Compositing/Video Editing: After Effects
Cadet Orientation Film
Short video that plays for first time users
Storyboard/Animatic: Adobe Photoshop
Asset Production: Adobe Photoshop, Unity 3D
Compositing/Video Editing: After Effects
Cinematic Stills: Before & After
Interstitial screens intended to add a subtle narrative thread between game modes
- storyboarding of key narrative beats
- iteration based on feedback rounds​​​​​​​
- scene staging using in-game Unity assets
- 3D character customizing and posing
- created custom non-realtime cameras, lighting, shaders/materials 
- additional 3D prop modeling in Maya
- plate rendering from Unity 3D editor
- Photoshop compositing and post production
Additional Cinematic Stills

Title Card: Cadet Orientation
Vintage-style digital painting of the marketing keyart, used as title card in orientation video
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